Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Morte

Have you ever wonder on how you'll end your life? When? or even how death feels like? Years ago a friend of mine considered that someone who died young is very lucky and she hopes that she could be that lucky. The reason? So she could still look pretty in the coffin with a beautiful dress and make up holding a crystal rosario. Weird obsession, huh? Another friend told me "Once i have everything i've ever dreamt of, it's okay if God wants to take my life!"

Before that moment comes, if you wonder how death feels like, imagine if the air that you breath everyday, the sun that warms your skin, the endorphin that rushes to your brain, someone to hold on to... is suddenly taken away from you. And you didn't see it coming at all.

Perhaps that's how death feels like. Dark, cold, lifeless and... alone. Nothing else in this world would matter anymore.


dodY said...

and so it does...


Lolita said...

i think.. death feels like an outerbody experience.. u know like when you sleep but you're mind isnt (that usuallyhappens to me when i'm too tired or have too many things in mind). I think that's what death feels like..I think you'll still be able to think and have emotion rushes.. only nobody can see you...... but may be this only happens if they didnt die in peace..

mutiara nauli pohan said...

pasrah aja deh
udah di atur ma Allah