Monday, July 10, 2006

TV Junkie

TV Junkie.

Yeap that's me... can sit/lay sweet and nicely in front of television for hours and never get bored. Beside millions of information that i absorb each time i watch any show (basically i watch anything but sinetron), watching that magic box bring me relax and tranquil ambience. I prefer to watch TV alone without someone beside me questioning this and that, requesting this and that show, etc.

Each time i enter a room (especially in friends' or relatives' room) with a television in it, my eyes will start browsing that room looking for the remote. When the remote has touched my grip... then it'll be glued there for the next few hours. And i'll start clicking from one channel to another *making anyone in the room feel annoyed*. Bad habit huh? I often argued with my ex bout this hobby of mine.

I'd loved television since i was 3 or 4 years old. I even learnt English from television. I never joined in any English Course since i was a toddler, yet i never get lower than 8 for that subject, from SD to College. When i was a kid I remember watching favourite shows like Bewitched, Mission: Impossible, The Hunter, Legend of The Condor Heroes, M.A.S.H., Three's Company, Get Smart, The Saint, The Avengers, The Huxtable , Sesame Street and dozens other. What an experience...

And now dozens other shows has became my favourite. I love almost every show in Discovery Travel & Living since i love to cook and travel. Another travel show are also on my list, such as Jelajah, Archipelago, Jejak Petualang, Petualangan Bahari and Petualang Liar. Can't miss the news too from MetroTV or Liputan 6 SCTV. Guess what? I "eat" gossip shows too!! Beside those on local TV station, E! Channel is where i want to be. Contests/Reality Shows? Love it! Fear Factor, Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search (one of my top list), The Apprentice, Amazing Race, Indonesian Idol, Supernova RockStar, Project Runway, Beauty and the Geek, anything..! The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ceriwis, Republik BBM, Om Farhan is some talk shows that i like. MTV? That's sooo... me! MOVIES AND TV SERIES!!!! ME LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! CSI, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami, Monk, Supernatural, Prison Break, Arisan The Series *it's not really a sinetron, guys*, Numb3rs, Will and Grace, Desperate Housewives, wheww.. what else? im sure there are hundred more.. Well, the point is TV is one of my tranquility factor.

*my TV is still in Bandung.. hiiks!!!*