Wednesday, June 28, 2006

well... i'm freak in bed


:: Great Kisser ::
:: Very high sex appeal ::
:: Great in bed... ::
:: Totally laid back ::
:: Freak in bed ::
:: Most horny ::
:: Love is one of a kind ::
:: Very romantic ::
:: Most caring person you will ever meet! ::
:: Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out...

personal note: That's sooooo me.... Me like it!


goiq said...

kalo cewe cancer begitu ga ronn ??

Ronn said...

barusan kata temen cewek gw yang Cancer sih....

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gw bgt, tuch!!!!!
kasian bintang2 yg laen... kalah semua sama cancer!!!"

creesnha said...

i just read ur post.

isnt it a lil bit too cocky?? and a lil bit disgusting??

*haha...this is only a thought.

tapi, cancer emang narsis.
seluruh dunia mengakuinya.

terryputra said...

yeah! kurang satu!

Ronn said...


mutiara nauli pohan said...

aku cancer juga
tapi ga freak in bed
moody, that's sooooo me :)

Aju said...

Heits....i am cancer too...mungkin bener juga tuh..pokoknya cancer jago deh soal soal selingkuh..please deh..itu mah tergantung imannya..hehhehehe