Tuesday, June 06, 2006

saturday nite gossip

Location: (exterior) The Break, Cilandak Town Square
Date: Saturday, June 3 2006
Time: 21.00 - 01.00
Backsound: unplugged live jazz

There were four of us: Me, Sita, Yoga and Riesy (Medalis was supposed to be joining us but he had to perform in a cafe in Kemang, but he caught us later). Sitting on a cozy couch outside the cafe, sipping some beverages and craving Tom Yam Soup while watching gorgeus people passed by our corner.

Great time we had that evening. It's been quite a long time since we hang out together like this, thing we often did during college. We talked and talked a lot. Tried to catch what we missed all these time (read: gossiping).

"Do you know who is he dating now? It's X's sister!!"; "Could you trust Y after what she's done to that poor guy?"; "Have you heard that Mr.Z that teach ZZZ is a...?" etc..

And by the time the moon's getting high, the topic was becoming more steamy, x-rated and hotter than before (what do you expect from a couple of 'cunihin' guys and two used-to-be-married women?). You'd be amaze by what we're talking about. Coz i noticed that some people sit nearby glanced at us few times.

"To be honest, size does matter to me."; "'Shadowboxing' to me is like monosodiumglutamate to chinese food. It's not that important, but it's needed"; "How is it like when you did it for the first time?"; etc.

Well... the subject of the talking is not important (though i can assure you that most of them are true. So, it's not gossiping but networking *ngeles*). The most important was to be there doing what you usually did long time ago, laughed hard and knew your friend even more better.
At least since that nite, i've known that Mr. Z is not that 'alim'. Bwahahaha....

Too bad, Medalis, the Master of X-rated Materials came too late. You missed all the fun, bro. And i really wished Ms. Vita Jelita, the First Lady of X-rated Materials was there too... heuehuehue..

PS: The 'networking' didn't stop there. The following day we had the same meeting at Pondok Indah Mall.


Anonymous said...

Aduuh Moron....Gw bete
1. Kok Ngga Bilang2 kalu lo dijakarta????mana jalan2 lagi....huh syebel
2. Tiap Posting...bilang dong sama tante jangan diam2 aja. aku kan penggemar setia mu.working in playboy....i support you, secara gw bisa nyumbang2 ide gw buat tema, buat sharing keliaran gw...heheh rrrrrr....bye darling

Mrs. vita Jelita

CacingKepanasan said...

Networking apa 'networking' :P