Saturday, April 29, 2006

my half

Just want to introduce y'all to my beloved nephew... KENAR ACHMAD AGUSCANDRA
This 2 years old naughty is my sister's one and only son. I call him Ken and he calls me "Om Dede" or "Om Dede-ku" *in a funny tone* or sometimes it's just "Dede". Now, he's like my everything.... my half!
I lived with my sister since, Ken was 2-3 months old. And i witnessed his first laugh, step and word. So we kinda have a strong bond (and he also loves the giant red VW pillow that i gave him as a birthday present).
That's why each time i go to Bogor, he'd love to play with me. The last time i went there, he excitedly showed me his new ability to read a-b-c. He also can mention animals, fruits, colors, things and simple conversation all in english *trust me, he has a straight-a-student-and-master-degreed parents*.
Owgh,,, he's a big fan of cars too!!! real or toy. And recently, he's a big fan of Blue's Clues *that silly blue dog show on Nicleodeon*

The picture below shows Ken and his fabulous & gorgeous uncle *hihi* in front of a beautiful sunset at Kuta Beach. It was taken on her mum's birthday in Bali last February.

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Joanie Mack said...

Ah! Ternyata ini toh, seleb yang sering muncul di bullboard, hehehe. Lucu!

Ronn said...

iya... yang baju item emang lucu bangetttt.... LOL

ita said...

koq yang gendong kurusan ??? keliatan dari tangannya.
Poto-baby-nya masih di gue loh ronn