Friday, October 27, 2006


Hmm... dunno what to write, well i'll try to mumble a little.

It's almost twelve at night and i still couldnt close my exhausted eyes. I'm in Bandung now, with the whole family trying to escape from our boring routinity.

My brothers were eating in Pak Rizal, while I prefer to walk down the Jalan Setiabudhi and catch up some old memories (in fact, every inch of this street reminds me of anything). Celebration of Life. Yeap... we must celebrate this very great and colourful life, including all the laughs and tears that came along. But for some reasons, i suddenly feel very tired with myself and my life. It feels like .... there's no single thing in this world could bring the thrill back.


By the time you confidently thought that you're stronger and ready if there's another hit.... BANG!!! You know that you're never ready.

By the time you confidently thought that you're safe and you won't get hit twice with the same stone.... BANG!!! It hit you twice harder... more hurt... and left you a permanent damage.

Give up?

What doesn't kill you strengthen you. Is it?

*song played on a playlist: "Usah Kau Simpan Lara Sendiri" by Katon Bagaskara & Ruth Sahanaya*


Lolita said...

hai mas ganteng,
i know wat ur talking about..
just hang in there ya...
we all go thru the same thing..
but it'll pass - whatever it is you're going throught right now :3