Monday, July 31, 2006

Indulging Me

This is what i call... Self Indulgence. It was last Saturday.

Woke up, made a glass of hot capuccino, watched travel show

Still watching TV

Took a bath and then went to SKI, a well-known restaurant in Katulampa Bogor, with Ken and his parents (my sister+husband) and my older brother. I ate: 1 Nasi Timbel Ikan Balita, 1 Macaroni Schottel, 1 Chicken Soup, 1 Carrot Juice and ended with 1 Waffel+Strawberry Ice Cream+Chocolate Syrup.

Went back home, watch gossip show and prepared to ...

Swimming with Ken and his mum at a Sport Center nearby. Not many people, it's great. After swimming for about 1 hour (more than 15 laps, cant believe i could!)...

Went to the sauna room alone, nobody else but me. So relaxing.. and so... quiet.

I moved to the Jacuzzi. Once again... noone else but me. Ken was with his mum in the pool. So tranquil and relaxing. I almost slept there with bubbling and whirling hot water everywhere. Few minutes later, two girls asked if they can join me in that jacuzzi, since the women's jacuzzi was out of order. I said "yes" and so there were 3 of as in a 2x2 jacuzzi. :) I closed my eyes pretend as if i was in Bora-Bora Island with Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search Finalists (Alicia and Shannon) on my side. :)

Went back home. Drank a cup of sweet hot tea. Watched cable all night, and slept with a smile rose on my face :D

It's almost paradise, wasn't it? Without thinking about works, problems, and other burdens. Too bad i can't do it everyday. But i'm pretty sure i'll do it again next weekend.


Dinky's said...

deuh...yang lagi manjain diri sendiri...kapan dong manjain temen2 lo?? hehehehe