Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Botak is Temporary, Ganteng is Forever

For the five consecutive month i live without many hairs on my head. Yups, i had my 2cms long hair cut yesterday.
Actually, until like 2 years ago, i never imagine myself botak (bald). Cause the only time i went bald when i was 5 years old; and trust me.. i look like an alien boy with weird head shape. From that time i promised my self not to ever had that kinda look again.
But everything changed couple of years ago when i stayed in Bogor. Though it is popularly known as Rain City, Bogor is a very very hot city when the water doesnt drop from the sky.
Since i dind't "socialize" very well with ultra high temperature (coz it makes me sweating like a pig - cute pig, of course LOL), one important decision i took that morning: Had my hair cut and left nothing but half centimeter. By the first time i saw my appearance without hair it was like "wow... i look cool!"

So... here i am... with a lighter and smaller head. Still look Ganteng as before.