Tuesday, March 28, 2006

march march march

March... march.. march...

In 5 more days you'll be past, but good things happened to the people around me (pals and family) this month... never to me, hiks! *there you go.. whining again!! cut the craps, ron!!!*

Yoga, Iqbal, and Pandu -- they're graduated couple of weeks ago weeks ago. Two from Enhaii, the other from Maranatha. Congrat guys! And Pandu... u promise me something yummy for that....

Sita yang Cantik (it's her request) -- after failing on TransTV last interview in February, all the sudden, few days ago that TV station called her back and asked to interview her again. Wow, there must be something goin on, huh!? Go Sita go!!

Mey Ma Belle -- after several on-of relationship with this guy, she's finally ... get back with him. It's kinda surprising. Don't mess this one, kay?

Terry -- after all of those efforts, sweat and tears (soo.. hiperbolic)... finally he passed the audition to join the concert tour to Italy for two weeks!! Proud of you pal! don't forget to get me something fancy there, hehehe.

Sally -- she's my sister. I love her so much. Her first story is about to be published in Femina Magazine. What a great achievement for a beginner. Hope you can be a great novelist someday, sis. Miss your son, Ken...

Those are only a few of them. Not to mention they who's got married, hired, etc. Truly, March is a great month for people around me....

How about me? What's my achievement this month?

hmm... *thinking*

hmm... *still thinking*

ah, balls! who cares! as long as they're happy, i'm happy.