Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 Great Male Survey

56% - See the drink they order as a reflection of their masculinity or character

85% - Would have sex with a coworker

63% - Would buy a gas-guzzling car if money wasn't a factor

59% - Would dump a girlfriend if she became fat

86% - Are not completely satisfied with their sex lives

83% - Believe that men should pay for the majority of dates

76% - Believe that they have a soul mate

84% - Have a grooming regimen that goes beyond the basics

79% - Don't consider salary the best measure of professional success

69% - Would never cheat

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MJ said...

Lumayan kaget juga, ternyata banyak cowok yang percaya sama pasangan jiwa, ya?

!dJibRiL $i gil@ said...

kok gambarnya cowo ama cowo ron...jangan-jangan....

Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

Great Blog..!!!! Keep Blogging.... :)