Sunday, November 19, 2006


Mr. Popular (P): Gmn, suka nggak sama pilihan gue buat lo?

Mr. Laid-back (L-B): Hah? Pilihan apa? Oh My God! Jadi acara kumpul-kumpul di Soho kemarin itu dalam rangka lo menjodohkan gw? It was a set-up! Oh My God!! Was it her.. Were you trying to set me up with Ms. Nice?

P: Hahaha... Iya! Kan gue udah janji sama lo. To help you get over your ex.

L-B: Ouwgh... Why didn't you told me before. Jadi gue kan bisa more well behaved. Anyway, did she know that it was a set-up meeting?

P: Nope. Sengaja. Biar ngalir aja. Kali aja ada there's something between you two. But when i finally told her later that i was trying to set her up with you... she blushed.

L-B: Pantesan. We barely talk at all that nite! If only you had told me before. Mana gue lagi gemuk-gemuknya. Kan kalo tau gue bisa diet ketat dari seminggu sebelumnya to get in a better shape. E.... She really blushed? Blushed as in angry or in a positive way?

P: Don't worry bout the fatty thing. She's really into it. Hahaha. And yess.. when she knew that i was trying to set her up with you... her cheeks turned as pink as a rose. Want her phone number?

L-B: Eugh... not now. Just let it flow... I'm still shocked knowing that Ms. Nice is the one you want to... with me...

P: Too late! I've asked her permission to give her number to you. Hahaha... It's 0817XXXXXX. Good luck!

L-B: What!?!? Wow...You must be joking. What did she say? What am i supposed to do now? I'm new with this matchmaking thing. I usually set my buddies up, not myself.

P: No, I'm not joking dear. She thinks that you are nice and attractive. Just send her a "Hallo" and get knowing each other. My job's already done. Next is up to you.

L-B: Whew... I thought you were joking when you told me few weeks ago that you want to set me up with someone. And apparently i was so wrong. Well.. hello Mr. Popular, what have you put me into? We'll see.


*beep beep!*

One new message from: 021XXXXXXX.



mutiara nauli pohan said...

cieeee.. prikitiiiiiwwwwwww

Joanie Mack said...

Ini kisah nyata apa khayalan? ;))

*paling demen sama kisah cinta*

Ronn said...

Based on true event Jo... tp nama dan tempat kejadian dirahasiakan *halah*


dodY said...

suiiitt suiitt....

wah wah... asik juga di-set up kayak gituh yah :D